Services We Provide

Team Work. Our approach to serving our patients is to create a team working toward your good health.  This team includes you, family members, your foot specialist at Foot & Ankle Center of Wenatchee, primary care physician and any other resources needed, including diabetic specialists, rheumatologists, radiologists, physical therapists and other caregivers. We believe TEAM is always the best way to bring about the best possible solution.


Same Day Procedures

Many common foot conditions can be treated with minor procedures on the day of your visit.

  • Toenail deformities
  • Ganglion cyst aspirations
  • Neuroma injections
  • Plantar fasciitis injections

Most Fridays are conveniently scheduled for minor procedures to allow you to rest and return to work the following Monday.

Ambulatory Surgical Center ~ ASC 

DSC_0460The Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) is attached to our Wenatchee Clinic, saving you time and money.  It is Washington state and Medicare approved. This podiatry-specific surgical suite provides anesthetic services from local anesthesiologists. We also employ a certified registered nurses. 

Procedures at our surgical suite cost less than in a hospital setting, and infections rates are lower because we do not have the same exposure of chronic and acutely-ill patients in our facility. The ASC is used only by our doctors.

Diagnostic x-rays

Clear digital diagnostic x-rays are only a step away from your exam room.  This on-site service allows instant results to guide your treatment the day of your appointment.  Our doctors at Foot & Ankle Center of Wenatchee read your films, saving you time and cost.

Hospital-based surgical treatment and reconstructive surgery

 Sometimes more complex and extended foot surgery is necessary, and we perform these procedures in the hospital setting. Common hospital procedures include:

  • Surgeries that require an overnight stay
  • Advance bunion correction
  • Reconstruction procedures for forefoot, midfoot and rear foot conditions
  • Tendon reconstruction procedures
  • Ankle arthroscopic surgery
  • Treatment of persistent arthritis
  • Treatment of old injuries or trauma to your foot and ankle. 


Orthotic lab and shoe modifications

  • Orthotic repair
  • Orthotic  evaluation, shoe evaluation and over-the-counter devices
  • Shoe stretching

Our on-site lab and materials allow us to reposition your foot and give you a “test drive” (temporary adjustment such as a heel lift, accommodative pad or angular wedge for symptomatic relief). 

Custom orthotics

We take a digital scan of your foot in most cases or make a casting to create a replica of your foot in its most functional position for custom orthotic fabrication. The goal of orthotic treatment depends on your specific needs:

  • Generalized foot function
  • Foot pain prevention
  • Improved performance in activities like running, hiking, soccer, basketball, football, tennis, golf and balance positioning
We are now using 3D technology to fabricate custom orthotics with more accuracy than ever before!  Your foot is scanned with a 3D scanner to obtain an exact image.  Your physician at Foot & Ankle Center of Wenatchee  then uses this image to custom design your orthotic with 3D CAD software.  This allows the orthotic to be designed to your exact needs.  After design is completed the orthotic is fabricated through additive technology using a 3D Printer.  The time lapse video below shows the manufacturing process by a 3D printer.

3D Printed Orthotic In Black

CAD Orthotic Design

Gait Evaluation

The doctors at Foot & Ankle Center of Wenatchee are specifically trained to evaluate your gait and troubleshoot for problems such as:

  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Back pain
  • Short / long legged gait

Pressure mapping

A specialized functional pressure map device can be used to isolate painful regions of your forefoot and heel to help with diagnostic and therapeutic treatments.